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Stainless steel or cast iron OEM-style aftermarket exhaust manifolds, most with an integrated catalytic converter from Walker and other top manufacturers

In automotive engineering, an exhaust manifold collects the exhaust gases from multiple cylinders into one pipe. The word manifold comes from the Old English word manigfeald (from the Anglo-Saxon manig [many] and feald [fold]) and refers to the folding together of multiple inputs and outputs.

In contrast, an intake manifold, also known as an inlet manifold, is the part of an engine that supplies the air to the cylinders.

Exhaust manifolds are generally simple cast iron or stainless steel units which collect engine exhaust from multiple cylinders and deliver it to the exhaust pipe. Cast iron exhaust manifolds (most often factory supplied) won’t last forever, and over time they can become brittle and crack. This happens due to both age and heat cycles. When there is an exhaust manifold leak, the noise emitted is very loud, and toxic fumes are released which can make their way into the cab of the vehicle. A cracked exhaust manifold will instantly fail an emission inspection, so get your replacement from Exhaust King.

Exhaust King has a large selection of OEM-style aftermarket stainless steel exhaust manifolds, most with an integrated catalytic converter.

Whatever your exhaust needs, Exhaust King can deliver!

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