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DynoMax Performance Muffler Logo

DynoMax® Mufflers are made using revolutionary technology to provide maximum performance by absorbing interior resonance while maintaining a deep, throaty drone-free sound.

The DynoMax® VT® is a straight-through stainless steel performance muffler featuring an exclusive, precisely calibrated internal valve. This patent pending valve redirects exhaust flow under cruising conditions. "Put the petal to the metal" however, and the valve automatically adjusts suppying maximum exhaust flow that will deliver on-demand performance and a deep, throaty drone-free sound.

DynoMax® Ultra Flo™ Welded Performance Stainless Steel Mufflers are 100% welded construction for lifelong durability. It has an unrestricted straight-through design proven to flow up to 2,000 SCFM and will support up to 2,000 horsepower! The straight-through design also ensures an unrestricted exhaust flow which reduces backpressure. Every DynoMax® Ultra Flo™ Muffler is filled with their exclusive Continuous Roving Fiberglass (CRF) Technology that absorbs unwanted interior resonance and still maintains a deep performance tone. This is "Pure, Unadulterated Power!"

DynoMax® Super Turbo™ Performance Mufflers use an exclusive patented flow director is designed to channel exhaust flow and eliminate turbulence. The Super Turbo™ Mufflers have large internal flow tubes that improve overall exhaust flow and reduces unwanted backpressure. The use of fiberglass matting technology absorbs unwanted interior resonance and maintaining a smooth, mellow performance tone.

DynoMax® Race Series Bullet Mufflers are made with 100% welded construction to ensure lifelong durability. They are designed to be lightweight and compact for the ultimate race muffler that provides "Pure, Unadulterated Power!" The DynoMax® Race Muffler features an unrestricted straight-through design that is dyno tested and track proven. All DynoMax® Race Bullet Mufflers are filled with their exclusive Continuous Roving Fiberglass (CRF) Technology that provides up to a 4 dbA sound reduction and still maintaining a deep racing tone.

So if you are looking for High Performance and "Pure, Unadulterated POWER", the DynoMax® Muffler line has it all: Sound, Performance and Durability! Hear the DynoMax® Mufflers in action (click on any model name below):

    Dynomax VT     Dynomax Ultra Flo Welded     DynoMax Ultra Flo SS Polished

                            DynoMax VT                                              Ultra Flo Welded                                          Ultra Flo SS Polished

                                     DynoMax Super Turbo Muffler          DynoMax Race Bullet

                                                                Super Turbo                                                          Race Bullet