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How to find the correct California CARB compliant Catalytic Converter

It is important to note that a vehicle that is licensed in the State of California or was built to California emissions standards must use a CARB approved converter, since these vehicles may have a different physical difference from a vehicle built to Federal emissions standards.

Before Exhaust King can ship a Catalytic converter to the State of California, it must be proven to match the Engine Family number provided on the Vehicle Emission Control Information label, which is typically located in one of these three locations:

The new law also requires that the California EO Number (Executive Order) needs to be physically present on the converter itself. Here is an example of where it will appear:

How to find the correct Catalytic Converter for New York 

The above information applies to all model year 1993, 1994, 1996 and newer vehicles that are either "50-State" certified by U.S. Environmental Protection Agancy (EPA), or CARB certified.

This does not apply to 1995 and pre-1993 model-year vehicles, and EPA-certified vehicles witohut 50-State certification. Here are examples found on the labels of CARB certified and Federal EPA certified vehicles:


CARB-Compliant "50-State" VECI example                       Federal / EPA-Compliant BECI example


Don't be. Just give us a call at 1-844-EXT-KING or send us an email us at and we will be happy to find the right converter to ensure that you comply with all State laws.