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The Walker® Quiet-Flow® SS muffler unleashes the power of 100% Structured 409 Stainless Steel. This construction reduces rust-out so that it lasts on average three times longer than premium aluminized mufflers. Walker® is so confident in this muffler they offer a Safe & Sound Guarantee featuring a 90-Day, Risk-Free Offer and a Limited Lifetime Warranty*.

Quiet-Flow SS Muffler Image

Check out the features of this awesome muffler:

1. Spun-locked heads that help resist ruptures due to backfires.
2. Bridge construction for structural strength and a long life.
3. Durable internal partitions means greater interior stability and long life.
4. 180 degree Inner shell and outer cover lockseams offer maximum durability.
5. Strong, OE-style interior spot welds improve stability and increased durability.
6. OE-style louvered tube technology drops noise level for that OE-style sound.
7. OE-style domed heads reduce radiated noise.
8. Continuous Roving Fiberglass (CRF) for optimal OE-quality acoustics.
9. Condensate acids are prevented from collecting between partitions with a complete internal drainage system.
10. Internal tubes are mechanically joined to the free-floating partition allowing expansion and contraction in extreme temperatures. This eliminates spot weld breakage, part distortion and noise problems.

For more details, watch this video!

*Full terms and conditions of the Limited Lifetime Warranty are avialable at